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Value Conflict: commodifying love

Image by Fadi Xd

Minina, Masè & Smith (2022) Commodifying love: value conflict in online dating, Journal of Marketing Management, 38:1-2, 98-126, DOI: 10.1080/0267257X.2022.2033815

We analyse 21 in-depth interviews with online dating service users to understand how consumerist market logic transforms human relationships, challenging the view in consumer research of market capitalism as empowering consumers by showing how neoliberal market ideology can hinder value creation in consumption experiences. Second, we develop the notion of value conflict as an active antecedent of value co-destruction in service settings that generates multiple forms of uncertainty, contributing to negative experiential outcomes. We explain the strategies consumers apply in pursuing romantic love in a shared marketplace while preserving their freedom of choice. Finally, we extend research on multiple value regimes in shared contexts by illustrating what happens when conflicting notions of value are not reconciled between actors.

Consumer-bank relationships in global mobility


Minina & Holmqvist (2021) Liquid, solid and in-between: service relationships in global mobility, Consumption Markets & Culture (ahead of print)

This study adds to the growing body of research on consumption in
global mobility, illustrating how mobile consumers navigate their
economic reality by managing relationships with banks in different

Consumption of financial services: Developing a conceptual framework

Image de Floriane Vita

Minina (2016)
The Marketing Review, 16(3), pp. 265–284.

This paper contributes to the rich body of literature dealing with different
aspects of consumer behaviour in the financial context by systematizing the accumulated
knowledge and proposing a conceptual framework that encompasses relevant aspects of
consumption of financial services

Financial consumption in global mobility

Image de Jason Leung

Minina (2015) ,"Home Is Where the Money Is: Financial Consumption in Global Mobility", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 43, Pages: 393-398.

This paper extends existing research by showing how globally mobile consumers express their sense of home through financial consumption and develop a set of financial consumption practices as an answer to the demands of their mobile lifestyle. This way, financial consumption can serve as a grounding mechanism, anchoring an individual in a particular location by means of economic capital.

Cephalopodic consumption
(doctoral dissertation)

Image de Serena Repice Lentini

Minina (2017), Consumption of financial services in global mobility: A Cephalopodic consumption mode?, Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Stockholm Business School.

This work contributes to the domain of research on serially relocating consumers by showing how globally mobile professionals engage in cephalopodic consumption mode (CCM), using their economic capital in order to navigate their international movement. The multipresence, multi-acculturation, instrumentality and camouflage of CCM emerge as an answer to challenges of mobility – the need to reacquaint with new countries every time upon relocation, the future need to leave again and the necessity to organize consumption across borders.

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